For my final year project at university, I helped to create the online presence of a clothing brand called Flux De Courant.

The first thing I did was have a look at their brand and their mission statement and style of branding. I then had a look at companies similar to theirs, such as Trapstar, Maniere de Voir and PlayDot Apparel. Looking at these existing street wear brands gave me an idea of the target audience and what they like.

Mockups and wireframes were then created using Balsamiq and Photoshop, I helped to design and develop their website, the social media and their marketing.

Once the designs had been approved, I created the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I also created the email newsletter for them using Mailchimp, which is a quick and effective way to design and create emails for marketing.

Once the website was designed and developed, I then did the photoshoot for the brand, which was an all-day shoot where we went to various locations across Portsmouth. and these photos were then used to populate the website.