I was contacted by Natasha Patel, a photographer based in London, in order to create a website for her to showcase her photography and allow potential clients to discover and get in contact with her.

To start this project off, I looked into existing photographers and their websites, and the client also gave me some examples of how they wanted their website to look and feel. They wanted the websites primary colours to be black and white, with only small parts of the website to have a different colour to them.

I created some rough designs and a colour scheme which was revised until the client was happy with the outcome. The final colour scheme can be seen below.

As you can see, the main colours are black, white and shades of grey with a yellow as the accent colour. The yellow only appears on certain elements on the website, such as hovering over the navigation links.

The homepage has a parallax scrolling effect on it allowing the client to showcase their photography and have it incorporated into the website.

A custom content management system was also implemented allowing the client to create image categories and upload, to them, edit them and delete them, not only this but the majority of the content on the site can be customised from the CMS including all text and images visible on the website.

Natasha’s website can be found here.