SDS (Setting Da Standards) Entertainment is a company with the aim of discovering and developing musical talent in the borough of Croydon, I was given the opportunity to create their website.

The website needed to be designed mobile first, as this is where most of the users of the website would first hear or see about it, as the promotion for the company was done mostly through word of mouth because SDS attended different public events across the borough.

The colour scheme for the company was to be monochromatic, involving shades of black, white and grey. The reason for this is because the companies existing theme was already monochromatic and they wanted the website to match the rest of their content.

After looking at existing and similar companies/live music venues, wire frames and mock-ups were then created using Balsamiq and Photoshop. a few drafts were done until the client was happy with the layout and pages designed.

The website was then developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. Once the front end had been developed a custom content management system was then developed which allowed the owner of the site to edit the content on the pages, upload, edit and delete events/images on the site and an option to add and remove admins was also inserted. During this, it was crucial that appropriate action was taken to make sure that the site and admin data was secure, and code was input to prevent serious threats to the site such as SQL injections.

Not only did I design and develop the website, but I also helped to create some of the graphic content on the website and do the photography for their open mic nights, and some of the photos I have taken can be seen on my photography and Instagram pages as well as the SDS social media.

The SDS website itself can be viewed here.