During my third year at university, I was placed in a group and tasked with creating a mobile app that allowed users to play ‘brain training games’.

We first did research on the Google Play store and the Apple App store, looking at what kind of game apps were most popular, ones that came up included Candy Crush, QuizUp, Snake and Tetris. We noticed the trend that puzzle games seemed to be amongst the most popular, so we focused on creating our app to be a puzzle based game.

However as there was a group of us developing the app, we decided to include a variety of games inside the app, to allow users to test different areas of their brain and make it a true brain training app.

The two games that I developed were Concentration and Focus, which tested the users on those areas of their brains. The games were created on Adobe Animate and required use of some JavaScript to get the functionality working properly.

Concentration is a card game where pairs of cards are placed face down and the user has to match the pairs, there is a timer and score so the faster the user find all of the pairs and the less errors they make, the higher the score.

Focus is a game where the user has to click the correct colour, as this game has a very short timer, the user has to press the correct button quickly without being thrown off by the colour of the lettering.

Creating the games required me to design elements (such as the cards) on Illustrator and then use Action Script to show the cards on a grid, randomise the position of each card then when the user clicks on a pair, the pair disappears, if the user does not match a pair, both cards go back to being face down. As developing something like this was new to me, I spent a lot of time doing research and learning different Action Script techniques in order to create the games and the app itself.

As well as the two games, I built the main app itself and placed all the games onto the app ensuring it worked correctly. Other games on the app include spot the difference, colour sequence, longest line and a science quiz.