During my second year in university, I was tasked with creating a website for streaming media as part of a group. The focus of the project was to design a website which would keep users up to date with the latest music news and videos.

Before the project could begin development, we undertook extensive research into existing websites such as YouTube, MTV and Fader, looking at the sizing of the elements on mobile and desktops, the common elements and layout features that they had. Once this was done a collage was created and the initial designs were made.

Once all designs were finalised we created the website using bootstrap to ensure that the website was functional across all platforms.

My role in this project was to create the article pages and the home page. As the website was not intended to be put online the website only had to be created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I used the three languages to design the website and ensure that the pages were displayed correctly on mobile devices.